Halus the Giant is the greatest hero and the greatest villain of the Atayal people of Taiwan.


Halus rescues his village from typhoons and defeats plundering enemies single-handedly, but when no danger is present, it is Halus that his tribe most fears. He ravages the forest, growing fat with the animals he inhales. He has tormented Rimuy, the woman he loves, all of her life.


How long will Halus’ tribe accept the high cost of their “hero”?

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source Point Press!!

In October 2018, Source Point Press released the English language version of Halus, from the “Stories of the Tayal” series. It is the tale of Halus the Giant, the greatest hero and greatest villain of Tayal folklore. It is currently only available via Source Point Press’ booth at US comic cons, but will soon be coming to Comixology.

We are seeking publishers for Chinese and aboriginal language editions of Halus, and more entries in the series are in production. 

In 2016, Qalang released Hotstone on iOS and Android, and action-packed puzzle game set in the world of Halus.

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